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What's a hippie? Are you a hippie?
Although I was born after the 60's, I've always felt that there is a hippie character inside me. The definition of the word "hippie" maybe difference from one person to another. Most people think to become hippies, a person must listen to certain music, dress in tie-dye clothing and often uses psychedelic drugs or marijuana. I personally have looked up serval dictionaries for the definition of "hippie"; this is what I found. Young person who rejects established mores, advocates nonviolence, and often uses psychedelic drugs or marijuana; also: long-haired unconventionally dressed young person. Well, I personally don't use any drugs or smoke pot. I obviously don't wear tie-dye clothing all the time; and I do not have long hair. So, what's hippie? I believe it is the way you think, which makes you a hippie. Not whether you smoke pot or not. A hippie is someone who believes in peace, love and freedom. A hippie is someone who appreciated simple life and cares for the environment. A hippie is a person who hates violence and wars. Hippies are peopling who just being who they are and accepting and embracing others for who they are. If you find all of these qualities within you, than, there is a really high chance of you being a hippie.
(written by groovy hippie also known as groovy)

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