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Favorite Links:

Make sure you check all of these cool sites below.
Go hug a tree, it makes you feel grooooovy,man!!!!

Hurry, don't miss this Magical Mystery Tour Bus!!!!

The DAILY CARTOON-Have a good laugh now!
Flower Child-Coooool site!
Child Help USA-If you are a child or an adult, in an abusive situation, and need assistance. Someone concerned that child abuse and neglect are occring. Or you just need some information about child abuse and neglect, Please click on this website.
Hippie Flower Chick-The grooviest place for hippies to hang on the web!
The Doors official website-Hello! I love you, won't you tell me your name.....
Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum-The rock n' roll history is here baby..... for job, go here.

Grateful Dead Official website-Place to go if you're a true Deadhead.
ebay-Bid in an auction in a fun way.
Green Peace USA-Want to learn more about the environment we're living in? go here.
The Official Jimi Hendrix website-Come and learn more about this explosive genius of the electric guitar. become vegetarian? Let's find out!
hippyland-This is the place I hang out.
Entertainment Headlines-Get your latest entertainment news here.
~*~Somewhere Over the Rainbow~*~-This site is on the top of my list!