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Our Mother Earth
~She deserves our love and respect~

Our beautiful mother earth has been generous to us, giving us resources, providing shelters and food. Therefore, she deserves our love and respect; but instead, we ignore her. Some of us may claim we are too busy going to school and/or work, and have no time for caring about the environment we live in. Hey, guess what? we 're wrong. If each of us do our own part, together we can make this planet a better place to live. And the great news is, we don't really need to spend any extra time/effort to keep her beautiful the way she is.

How do you feel if someone comes to your house, make a mess and take off? Well...I don't think anyone would like that. OK then, now we know how our mother earth would feel if we are being irresponsible. Start treating her well by cleaning up after ourselves. In other word, stop littering and illegal dumping. And don't forget recycling.

For those of you who change your own car motor oil, remember, after each motor oil change, pour all collected used oil into a clean, empty, sealable container and turn it into a used motor oil collecting center near you. Why? Because used motor oil may contain toxic substances such as lead, benzene, zinc, cadmium, and arsenic. Used oil is not removed from the sewage treated at wastewater treatment plants. In fact, some plants use processes that can create additional pollutants from the chemicals present in used oil. Did you know just one quart of oil is enough to create a two-acro sized oil slick on surface water? Oil is harmful to aquatic life. For example, oil kills organisms in the water that fish rely on as a food source. A gallon of used oil can ruin a million gallons of fresh water-a year's supply for 50 people.

Conserve and reduce the consumption of energy when/wherever possible; at home, at work, everywhere. Reduce water consumption and electric energy can conserve energy and also save money on your bills too. Keep the air cleaner; carpool, use public transportation, bike, or walk whenever possible. Did you know that if you drive your car 10,000 miles per year, it will release it's own weight in carbon into the air, some 2,600 pounds, each year? The environmental toll due to our extensive use of cars includes smog, global warming and oil spills at sea, as well as high pollution levels in and around our homes.

Recycle used papers, aluminum cans, glass and plastic bottles etc; you know recycling all the copies of one edition of the Sunday New York Times could save 75,000 trees. Recycling conserves natural resources and landfill space, both of which are depleting repidly. Almost half of household trash is recyclable. Recycling one aluminum can saves enough energy to light up a 100-watt bulb for 3 and 1/2 hours. Recycling five plastic two-liter bottles produces enough fiberfill to make small ski jacket.

Come together and do our own part. Be responsible to our mother earth. Afterall, we are the one who will profit at the end.

Save our planet, save ourselves...................................